Ep1. Dubem Okafor

The Nigerian-American creative, Dubem Okafor delves into a variety of mediums including music, visual art, and arts education with the Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston. In 2023, Dubem produced a fully staged theater production which manifested the thesis of his latest music album- cellsexual. Dubem aims to unite people through showcasing vulnerability, truth, and a good laugh.




Virgil Abloh

Tyler the Creator

Monica Hernandez

Rian Phin

Listening to:

Boston Music Scene

UK Grime and Jungle


Racing Movies


Ask yourself, what are you trying to say? Find the people you like, ask yourself why you like them. Find people that are saying the things that you are saying, and research it, and then start making stuff

Figure out what you want to say, gain frame of reference, and then make stuff. Allow it to not be good. It’s about getting out what you’re trying to say.

If you do it enough, then it’s going to become good


What is your Musical DNA?

Make something that you have heard or seen before and then add something new or use a different tool to make it.

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